About Us

The Team

The security team has over 80+ members scattered across the country and the Fellowship ever increasing in numbers, the NSFST is becoming a more and more formidable force. Recognised nationally and becoming more and more busy throughout the year. We are made up of all ages from the more mature, to sweet 18 year olds. Our Scouting and Guiding experience ranges from members of county teams to Scout Network and Rangers. Our one common interest is a desire to provide support to all Scouts and Guides, so they can enjoy a safe and secure environment whilst on a camp.

History of the Team

The National Scout Fellowship Security Team was formed in 1998 after the same faces kept meeting up year in year out, for the purpose of supporting International Jamborees with Security. i.e. crowd control, helping those on site, usually when trying to find places on site (most Jamboree site maps are only useful for one thing !!) And in general with some considerable years of experience, help those new to the game in organizing and running an effective Security team.