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June 2016 Message from your District Governor.

The Last One

It seems amazing how the time has flown by when you are having such fun, so this will be my last news!!District Governor 2015/2016 Lesley Clarke

I have attended my 4th and final Council of Governors meeting held in conjunction with the Multiple District

Convention at Eastbourne. This year’s Council of Governors have had several very difficult issues to discuss and to take decisions, some of which have been unpopular. As a group we have made good friends, it has been a privilege to work with them and I look forward to keeping in touch with them all in the future at re-unions.

In the District I have held the final Cabinet meeting. This year the Cabinet meetings have had a different format, which seemed to have worked, giving time for debates and discussions. I am very grateful for the support and all the efforts of those who have served as District Officers and Zone Chairmen. Thank you.

Looking back over the past three years I would like to thank all the clubs and their members for their warm welcomes during my visits, travelling as far afield as Portishead down to Penzance, 186 miles in total. Over the past three years I have clocked up almost 40,000 miles of travel and mostly on my own. I have had many enjoyable times, attending Charter Anniversaries, which in many ways are all different but with the same theme. Travelling around the district I have been amazed by the amounts of money raised by clubs and donated to different causes. And mostly being local causes. The numerous activities held to raise the publicity of the Lions throughout the south west. Well done to all the clubs and their members.

Part of the District Governor’s duties is to attend, with the help of my 1st and 2nd Vice District Governors, funerals of Lions, past Lions and Lion’s partners who have gone to higher service. We have attended many and although a sad occasion have found that they can be uplifting meeting old friends and the families of those departed.

I would like to convey my thanks to the Convention Committee, who once again excelled in producing a magnificent convention at Croyde Bay. I was fortunate to have been supported by my family who had travelled down from

Norfolk on the Friday night to be with me. All our guests were made welcome in the usual SW fashion and enjoyed the event. The Host Night had a Hawaiian theme – well naturally as I was inducted at the Hawaiian International

Convention last June, where I learnt how to fold a simple origami crane, which during my year became infamous. At Convention we were able to display a thousand cranes as part of the decorations to honour our Lions International President Dr Yamada. Thank you.

As far as membership of our District is concerned, at the time of writing this article, we have made a small increase, but I am aware that the last month of the Lionistic year can have the greatest number of dropped members falling in June. I can only hope that this year this will not happen and that we can end the year with an increase in membership. Clubs know how to recruit new members but some seem unable to hold onto them. The membership team this year have all worked very hard, putting in place strategies which will reap the benefits to increase our membership for the future and take SW up above the 1250 members and get our district out of transition for the first time in a number of years. Keep up the good work team.

The Leadership team will be running in depth seminars for Presidents and Zone Chairmen on 12th June and for Secretaries and Treasurers on 18th June both at the Ockment Centre in Okehampton from 10.30am – 1.30pm.

I implore existing post holders and anyone taking over any of these positions next year or in the future, or any Lion wanting to know what the posts involve to attend, the world is changing and the only way to keep your clubs up to date with the latest is for the leaders and anyone interested in the future to attend.

I know you will increase your knowledge. Please send in your bookings to Lion Helen Bailey, address on the application form on the web site.

I would like to thank all the clubs for supporting my charity this year, which is the 8 Adult Hospices in the South West. Donations will be given to them at the end of my year.

As this is our newsletter editor’s Lions Jenny Hacker and Chris Margrie last edition, I would like to thank them both for putting together our interesting and informative newsletter and for getting it out to the members on time every month. Many thanks.

Well Lions of 105 South West, my time as your District Governor is almost over and I will be handing on the responsibility to District Governor Elect Lion Fred Broom soon. I wish him good luck at his International Convention in Japan and look forward to meeting him invigorated and ready for the challenge for his year at the District Handover on 24th July at Roadford Lake. Good luck Fred!

Thank you all Fellow Lions and partners for your support this year it has been greatly appreciated, in a year which will hold a special place in my heart for a special District.

District 105 South West – Simply the Best


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much (Helen Keller)


Lesley Clarke

105SW District Governor